What We Do

Bay Area Naturalist provides three types entries to make it easier to discover the wild Bay Area: information on natural areas, information on California wildlife, and blog articles on current science news and the naturalist lifestyle.

Natural Areas

The best connections to science and nature are made by experiences outside. Our natural areas blog posts provide information on what species to look out for during your visit, cool science facts about the area, and resources to plan your trip.


To provide more connection to what you see outside, we provide information on the natural history of California’s wildlife in our wildlife blog posts. Specifically, we provide the life histories of California wildlife, or details about the way that an organism behaves throughout its life (where it lives, what it eats, how it mates, etc.).


We provide popular science articles, covering topics from conservation to interesting information on California-native plants and animals. Our articles are written in a way that’s easy to read and light on the scientific jargon – no scientific background necessary.

As some added spice, we also feature articles on the naturalist lifestyle. Brush up on topics like the essentials to have in your outdoor bag.

Please note: this is a science communication blog meant to document research on Bay Area wildlife and natural areas through posts and photos. I am not a Certified California Naturalist – that milestone is still pending! 🙂 

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Towering coast redwoods at Henry Cowell Redwoods State Park.