Every Species Has a Story.

I grew up in the East Bay, content to pass my childhood days observing any wildlife present in the grass plot between ours and the adjacent building. My joy found in that pastime manifested itself as a deep love for nature as an adult.

Upon entering college, I began to realize nature’s incredible way of bringing people of all backgrounds and walks of life together. I also became aware of the profound effect that knowing the names and stories of the creatures you’re observing has on your connection with them.

The culmination of these observations, as well as my love for science communication, became the beginnings of Bay Area Naturalist.

Bay Area Naturalist’s mission is simple: tell the stories of the amazing diversity of Bay Area wildlife, and highlight places where people can get outside to meet these main characters. It is my hope that this blog will provide further inspiration for individuals and groups to bond over the collective wonder that only nature can elicit.

Please note: this is a science communication blog meant to document research on Bay Area wildlife and natural areas through posts and photos. I am not a Certified California Naturalist – that milestone is still pending! 🙂 

Sam McDonald County Park
Banana slug at Sam McDonald County Park